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DressBio - 'ABOUT US'

The journey of DressBio began when our founder and owner, Rossy Gulati switched her full time travel job to follow her passion for clothes, fashion & style, driven by creativity and dedication.
She began her journey by setting up a small boutique. All these years of hard work, gifted her a truckload of experiences and learnings. She crossed every barrier with a smile because the love and appreciation from our existing clientele kept her going. They made her believe that she could touch the stars and that gave her the confidence to launch DressBio - A Luxury Fashion Clothing Brand.
The brainchild of Rossy Gulati behind her label, DressBio is a powerful ode, from one ambitious woman to another. We understand the needs and desires of a modern woman. 

Every stitch has a story to convey as we pave the way for the fearless women of today. Our designer collection is symbolic of women empowerment, feminism and art.

The intricate detailing that is added to our pristine fabric pays homage to her in the form of a love letter. So, choose, shop and flaunt an ensemble that is customised with love, specially for you!

Being an ultimate experiential brand that defines modern art, we believe in keeping the contemporary style trending and passionately design customisable collections for the empowered base of women.
DressBio is inspired by the fierce, independent and beautiful women of today. Each design created is a testament of classic, old - world charm fused with modern, innovative elegance. 
With every thoughtful stitch on carefully selected fabric, with every intricate detail on a single design, we weave the complexity of the contemporary woman in our clothing.

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